Sunday, 5 April 2015

Downloading And Installing Android Studio...

We have already covered the details about the Android Studio in the previous post, don't worry if you missed that click here if you want to have a look.

One thing I want to share with you that this IDE (Integrated Development Environment ) is designed specially for the development of android apps. One can use it on operating Systems like WINDOWS, MAC OS and LINUX.The minimum required RAM for installing this IDE is 2GB but 4GB of RAM is Recommended by Google.You must have atleast 500 MB of free disk space in your computer to install it.

How To Download And Install

The installation of this IDE is demonstrated step by step in the official website of it.
So please refer here .
In case you have any problem or query comment in box below.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Lets Start with c++...

Lets Start with c++...

C++ coding is done on IDE- Integrated Development Environment. It is a software application that provides a platform to run ,compile and execute High Level Programming language.

For C++ the IDEs are Dev C++ (recommended), Turbo C++, Borland C++ etc.
Every IDE has compilers which compile the written codes and check the errors and verifies whether the codes are following the correct logic, syntax etc which are required to run and execute the program successfully.

Below are the following formats that are required to follow to make the programs(coding) syntaxtically.

1. Header file declaration

Header files are the pre-compiled or pre-coded files with correct logic and syntax that includes in-built functions, class, structure etc. , which may directly or indirectly can be used in the program to avoid the program coding from being lengthy and hence make the execution time fast.
These files are stored in lib folder (library folder) of your respective IDE.

Header files comes with the extension ".h"(dot H).

For eg;
 if XYZ is a header file then it comes with "XYZ.h".

Syntax to be used in program to use header file:


#include-(hash include) This is called pre-processor directives which means that these are the codings which are already been compiled and processed by the IDE compiler.

#- It is used as linking and loading the header files i.e, it act as a interface between the library file and programming.

include- This includes all the in-built functions, class and structures which are packed in the header file closed in < ......>.

Mostly used header files in C++:


Next Blog in-built functions and uses of the above header files.

Concepts Of C++ ...

Later, we discussed about the features of Object Oriented Programming (OOP). In this chapter, we are going to learn about the concepts that can be implemented by this paradigm, not in detail but a mild touch. We will be doing this in detail in the upcoming blog.


1. Class and objects
2. Data Abstraction
3. Encapsulation and Data binding
4. Data Hiding
5. Polymorphism and overloading
6. Inheritance and reuse-ability
7. Dynamic binding
8. Message passing

These concepts of OOP enable us to modify, give security and new mode of programming to our program.

These concepts we are going to deal, when we will be handling with "class".

Till then do remember these features and concepts.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Web Sites and Web Server in Asp.Net ...

WEB SITES :- Web Sites are nothing but a collection of the Web Pages that are hosted on web Server. They are normally preceded by HTTP://WWW.

WEB SERVER :- Web Server is a software that is used to host the Web Sites and Provide the basic infrastructure to host and run Web Sites. It can host one or more Web Sites.
example :-
IIS(Internet Information Services) from Microsoft works only on Windows.
APACHE Web Server
Glass Fish
Oracle Application Server
Tomcat Server

By default Windows include IIS in Client Operating System XP, WINDOWS 7, WINDOWS 8.

We can host only one website, but on Windows Server you can host n number of websites.

The Websites are primarily divided into two categories
1. Static
2. Dynamic

Static :- Static are those in which the content remain fixed and does not change as per the user requirement.
for example:-website of Schools cab be a Static Websites.
technology used is HTML, JAVA SCRIPT, CSS, etc.

Dynamic :- different from Static Websites when Websites interacts with the database and certainly form  web services(going to study after next few post) at the back end.
for example :-
just consider if gmail is a static website then
one user have 6 to 7 pages or some more like compose,inbox,draft,sent mail,promotion,home.
one user have approximately take min 100 messages then total number of pages=100*7.
Google have billion of user now how many static pages they are going to make. It can be go up to trillion of pages so it can not be done through static website so it can done by dynamic website.

technology used is ASP.NET,PYTHON,ASP,PHP,etc

NOTE :- A Browser only understand HTML, JAVA SCRIPT, CSS.
               then how browser understand that different kind of technology which we used for dynamic                  websites. for that we introduce scripting language.

There are two kind of scripting language-
1. Server-Site Scripting language.
2. Client-Side Scripting language.

Server-Site Scripting Language :- which runs on web server then output is generated in HTML and finally sent to the browser.
for example:-

ASP.NET - Active Server Pages(C#,VB.NET,)(.aspx)
ASP.NET MVC - Model View Controller(no extension)
PHP - Hypertext Preprocessor (.php)
Java Server Pages - (.jsp)
Ruby on rails
Java Servlets
Cold Fusion Markup - (.cfm)

Client Side Scripting Languages :-

Java Script - developed by NETSCAPE the member of the NETSCAPE have also develop Firefox.

VB SCRIPT - MICROSOFT - internet explorer

JQUERY accepted by all major companies so it becomes so successful. It purely works on the browser.

In the upcoming posts you can study more deep about ASP.Net and HTML.

Android Studio . How it works?

Android Studio

Android Studio is the integral development environment used for development of Android Apps.
It is based upon the IntelliJ Idea development environment and it is the Official development tool for Android Application development for Google play.

Android studio is based upon the concept of gradle.

So what is gradle in Android Studio ?
Gradle is nothing but a system that helps in the management of the following-

i.repository management.
ii.Build Management
iii.Version Management.
iv. Application Signing of App.

Thus the gradle helps in each and every task for our projects which we build using Android Studio. It is also called as the Control version System (CVS) for android.

Through the help of Android Studio we are able to visually create our application that includes layouts like Buttons, Radio Buttons, Check Boxes, Spinners etc.

When we use Android studio we are going to use JRE or JAVA as one component and android Architecture as Another Component.

We can use collections, Utility Classes from java and we can also use Android specific classes within Android Studio.

In the next post the installation of the IDE is demonstrated click here to download and install Android Studio.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Why C++ Programming ?

As the word defines itself "C + +" ,i.e "C Plus Plus" , quite similar like increment operator(++) in C, which means a step ahead of C language. This gives a whole picture that C++ includes all the features of C but along with it, it is a step ahead with new features.

As a whole we can say, C is the Subset of C++ ; where as C++ is the superset;

The main feature of C++ that makes it differ from C is that it comes with Object Oriented  Programming (OOP) paradigm where as C is a POP (Procedural Oriented Programming) or FOP (Function Oriented Programming).

OOP is a programming paradigm that enables to modularize the program by creating the memories for both data and functions that can be bind into one single unit and can used as templates and enables us to create such copies on demand.

OOP features;-

1.Follows bottom up approach.
2.More priority to data rather than procedure or algorithms.
3.Hide and give security to data from external user.
4.Data can only be fetched or access by what is known as methods or functions.
5.Program is divided into what is known as objects. 
6.Functions may communicate with each other through objects.

POP is a programming paradigm that gives more priority to procedure or algorithms.

POP features:-

1.Follows top-down approach.
2.More priority to procedures and algorithms.
3.No security and data can be accessed by outside programmer.
4.Program is divided into functions.
5.Functions may communicate through functions.

So, from the above  knowledge, we can conclude that C++ gives the flexibility to the users to use the language either POP or OOP .

Health tip of the day... How to Exercise our precious Eyes ?

If we think which is the most precious gift to us from god, The answer will be OUR EYES. In our daily busy life schedule we neglect the importance of our eye care and do not give proper attention to our eyes.

Exercise your eyes at frequent intervals. Eye exercise is simple. All you need to do is just blink them several times, then close your eyes and role them in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. While doing this, inhale and exhale slowly and open your eyes slowly after doing this.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Health tip of the day ... Tips for eyes for those who use computer for long time.

Did you know that on average we blink 12 times per minute? But wait, did you know that when
we're on the computer we only blink 5 times per minute? That can add up to dry eyes. Relieve the discomfort by using artificial tear drops or gels and remember to blink!

Health tip of the day ... How to treat dark elbows and knees naturally?

Treating Dark Elbows and Knees Naturally - Rub lime juice over the discoloured area and leave for 15-20 minutes. Soak a towel in hot water and scrub firmly. Repeat this for 2 weeks.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Health tip of the day ... Tips for how to brush our teeth ?

Brushing - It’s best to use a medium soft brush and paste. Be sure to brush your teeth, tongue and gums thoroughly two times a day. Once in the morning and second time in the night after 40 minutes of taking dinner. Rinse – with aging as the flow of saliva is reduced in our mouth, it’s more likely that food particles will damage your teeth and gums more. Rinsing gets rid of the particles. Since some mouth washes are irritating to the gums, dilute it if necessary.

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