Wednesday 25 March 2015

Web Sites and Web Server in Asp.Net ...

WEB SITES :- Web Sites are nothing but a collection of the Web Pages that are hosted on web Server. They are normally preceded by HTTP://WWW.

WEB SERVER :- Web Server is a software that is used to host the Web Sites and Provide the basic infrastructure to host and run Web Sites. It can host one or more Web Sites.
example :-
IIS(Internet Information Services) from Microsoft works only on Windows.
APACHE Web Server
Glass Fish
Oracle Application Server
Tomcat Server

By default Windows include IIS in Client Operating System XP, WINDOWS 7, WINDOWS 8.

We can host only one website, but on Windows Server you can host n number of websites.

The Websites are primarily divided into two categories
1. Static
2. Dynamic

Static :- Static are those in which the content remain fixed and does not change as per the user requirement.
for example:-website of Schools cab be a Static Websites.
technology used is HTML, JAVA SCRIPT, CSS, etc.

Dynamic :- different from Static Websites when Websites interacts with the database and certainly form  web services(going to study after next few post) at the back end.
for example :-
just consider if gmail is a static website then
one user have 6 to 7 pages or some more like compose,inbox,draft,sent mail,promotion,home.
one user have approximately take min 100 messages then total number of pages=100*7.
Google have billion of user now how many static pages they are going to make. It can be go up to trillion of pages so it can not be done through static website so it can done by dynamic website.

technology used is ASP.NET,PYTHON,ASP,PHP,etc

NOTE :- A Browser only understand HTML, JAVA SCRIPT, CSS.
               then how browser understand that different kind of technology which we used for dynamic                  websites. for that we introduce scripting language.

There are two kind of scripting language-
1. Server-Site Scripting language.
2. Client-Side Scripting language.

Server-Site Scripting Language :- which runs on web server then output is generated in HTML and finally sent to the browser.
for example:-

ASP.NET - Active Server Pages(C#,VB.NET,)(.aspx)
ASP.NET MVC - Model View Controller(no extension)
PHP - Hypertext Preprocessor (.php)
Java Server Pages - (.jsp)
Ruby on rails
Java Servlets
Cold Fusion Markup - (.cfm)

Client Side Scripting Languages :-

Java Script - developed by NETSCAPE the member of the NETSCAPE have also develop Firefox.

VB SCRIPT - MICROSOFT - internet explorer

JQUERY accepted by all major companies so it becomes so successful. It purely works on the browser.

In the upcoming posts you can study more deep about ASP.Net and HTML.


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