Monday 23 February 2015

ASP.NET (Active Server Page)

First of all it is necessary to make clear that the Terminology ASP.NET is not a language it's a web technology. Today and in a coming  post I am going to tell u how ASP.NET evolve into the present sky touching flexibility.


                Before .NET Framework
1990 -------------------------------------------------->1999     
                          VISUAL STUDIO      

Microsoft.NET framework is a collection of classes reusable code libraries that can be used to develop three kind of application
1.    Window Based                          / It is a traditional established
2.    Web Based                                / So For ASP.NET it is C# Collaboration
3.    Mobile based                                                   
The framework was launched in 2001 and is available for free of cost for the end user. It was targeted to develop a framework which is platform independent and can run on any kind of device.


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