Saturday 28 February 2015

ASP.NET and Visual Studio 2012 ...

Summary of the Introduced .NET Frameworks till today :-

2001----------------->.NET FRAMEWORK 1.0

2002----------------->.NET FRAMEWORK 1.1

2005----------------->.NET FRAMEWORK 2.0

2008----------------->.NET FRAMEWORK 3.5

2010----------------->.NET FRAMEWORK 4.0

2012----------------->.NET FRAMEWORK 4.5

The Architecture of  .NET framework 4.0 -

                                             The Architecture of  .NET framework 4.5 -

CLR (Common Language Runtime) -
                                                                   It is use for the execution of the .NET code within .NET FRAMEWORK. It is responsible for memory allocation, memory thread for hardware resources. It performs each and every function which are application in demand.

CTS (Common Type System) -
                                                                   This is an entity in .NET Framework meeting type compatibility in .NET Language. For example a Boolean data type in VB.NET and datatype in C# is determined by CTS.

CLS (Common Language Specification) -

                                                                     CLS is a subset of CTS and it contains minimum specification which every language has to satisfy.              For example: Python is one language that is .NET complied language. That means it can work with .NET.


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